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27. grudnia 2010 11:14:00


The PTC system(Paid to Click System) is an excellent form of additional income, provided that you use the services of reliable bux. With no doubt number one is Onbux. This is currently the world's No. one bux. Why? First of all, because it is a registered company, which signed an agreement with the withdrawal systems such as Paypal, Alertpay, Neteller and LibertyReserve. Secondly, it has a modern security system, which nowadays is used in all modern systems of Internet payements- DDoS&256bit SSL. Thirdly, payments are made instantly. Minimum payout is 2$. Rented Referrals activity is the highest among all other buxes. In addition, bux offers many useful functions such as  multilingual forum, live support and e-mail support and also three types of account:

STANDARD(free account, which we receive after signing up). Earnings: $ 0.01 for our clicks and          $ 0.005 for  our referral clicks. 4 ads per day.

GOLDEN- payable account- $ 80 per year. Earnings: $ 0.01 for our clicks and also for our referral clicks. 8 ads per day.

ULTIMATE- payable account- $ 800 per year. Earnings $ 0.02 for our clicks and $ 0.01 for  our referral clicks. 8 ads per day.

Buy only 1 year- time accounts- most profitable!


Which account should You choose?

The most profitable way is to buy GOLDEN account for a year, because we earn a lot faster than on the STANDARD account. In addition,  Rented Referrals (RR) have much greater level of activity than  on the STANDARD account. Renting costs return quickly,  thanks to the large RR activity. We can rent referrals  every 6 days for 30 days. The smallest parcel is 5 referrals, and the largest 100 referrals. The best way is to buy 100 RR each time.  It costs $ 20. At the beginning we must invest our personal money, but  after we possess 200 RR, we can buy next parcels from the money that we have on our Onbux account . After our earnings stabilize, we can think about purchasing an ULTIMATE account, which will double our daily profits. To purchase an account you must select  Extend Upgrade at the bottom of the main page.


How to earn?

We earn money by viewing ads. We can view one ad once/24 hours.


How to display ads?

It is very simple. Click on the  View  Ads at the top of the main page, then click the advertisement and the blue point will appear. Click on the point and wait 30 sec. That’s it !


Direct Referrals ( DR)

DR are the opposite to RR. These are the people registered with our referral link. What does this mean? It means that each DR, who clicks on the ad gives us a profit-  our earning doubles. Of course, DR are free!


How to obtain the DR?

The best ways are: your own website, paid advertising, free blogs, thematic forums  and paid for signup forms.


Rented Referrals (RR)

RR are the referrals who we rent for specified  period of time (at the beginning for 30 days). However, we can extend them also for 60 or 90 days, what with the first option gives us 10% savings, and with the second option 20%. In comparison with other PCT sites, RR activity in Onbux is very high. To rent RR You got to transfer money on your account (rental balance) from the outside. We can buy RR only with money from rental balance! To do this, on the main page, select the tab rent referrals and then select add funds and decide from where you want to make transfer. We can choose between Main Balance, Paypal, Alertpay, Neteller or LibertyReserve. The money appear on the rental balance within minutes. Then buy  100 RR parcel. After a while we have 100 new RR and our earnings are growing rapidly. After renting 200 RR we don’t have to invest money from the outside any longer ( 200 RR earn enough money for next parcels).  To do this we just need to transfer money from main balance to rental balance.  Now we invest money from  the outside only for extending RR, not buying them.


How to manage with RR?

This is very important subject because proper administration of RR guarantee maximum income and minimum investment.  We have our RR for specific period of time, so there will be always a moment when we will have to renew them. To save as much money as possible, you should always take 100 RR parcel (the highest clicking activity) and also turn on the Autopay function.  Autopay feature extends every RR for one more day, but he must click one ad/day. This is very profitable on Onbux where RR activity is high. Approximately autopay gives us  10% savings. The cost of extending one RR for one more day is  $ 0.07. Note that autopay does not work with referrals whose lifetime is less than 20 days. That is why we have to extend them manually. The best method is to extend them for 90 days, but only when lifetime of RR is just 2 days left.  Why for 90 days and not for 30? Well, because renting for 90 days will give us in summary 20% savings, and what is more autopay function is significantly elongated. We have also to control RR AVG. What is AVG? This is an average clicking of our RR. When RR AVG<1 and he hasn’t been clicking for 3 days, we wait until his lifetime is 2 days left and then we extend him for 90 days. When RR AVG <1  and he clicks regularly, we have to change him for new one (Recycle). The greater the number of RR is, the lower AVG we have, but  in spite of that it’s still very profitable to rent as much RR as we can. I recommend not to recycle, but to extend RR. We just recycle when really necessary.


How much money can you earn?

GOLDEN  account with 1500 RR (1.1-1.3 AVG) and autopay on will give us $20 daily. Of course having 200 DR- the max amount of direct referrals on Golden will give us nearly $30 per day. Imagine that ULTIMATE account will give you twice more than GOLDEN. The best Onbux users  earn easily 500$ a month (up to 1000$) pure profit and it is not so difficult to gain it.

Pure profit is the profit minus the cost of extending RR, which with the large number of RR is high, but still very profitable.


Detail info

Detailed info about accounts and all related costs and differences can be found in the tab: Extend  Upgrade on the bottom of the main page.



Purchase GOLDEN account and buy the parcel of 100 RR

Get as many DR as possible

Have the autopay always on

Extend RR for 90 days

Use recycling only when necessary- when RR AVG<1 and RR is clicking every day

Don’t be afraid of investing

Be patient

Reach 2000 RR

After stabilization of earnings on your GOLDEN purchase ULTIMATE

Enjoy stable earnings

I wish everyone the highest earnings !!!


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